what do you think of jacking off in the sauna or steamroom at the gym? It seems like a big fantasy for lots of guys to get hard and jack off with other guys in these places, but since they’re public spaces, that kind of activity could offend others who use the same facilities.

I masturbate in the steam room and sauna with pretty much anyone who wants to join in. I’ve been doing that for many, many years. BUT… I also am sensitive to the rights of guys who just want to enjoy the heat without the distraction of boners.

I am pretty brazen about masturbation. I don’t worry about being caught. I evaluate the appropriateness of each opportunity. My main concern is not infringing upon the rights of my fellow men in a public space. Public spaces require a heightened sense of decorum and consideration. My intent is not to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

But… When I’m horny, I assess the situation and the others around me and if the sight of my erect penis is welcome by all present, we can all expose our cocks and enjoy a friendly bate. It’s essentially the same rule I follow at any JO club: Nobody has to do anything they don’t feel comfortable about or with anyone they don’t want to play with. It’s basic manners, basic mutual respect.

For me, my sex life includes a lot of personal, partner-only and social pleasure potential. I get lots out of all of those experiences and I value them all highly. I consider them all fundamentally “good.” I bring my lack of shame about my dick, my erections and my ejaculations with me everywhere I go. That includes the hotter corners of every health club I’ve ever been in.

And I’m never the only one… just possibly one of the most brazen.

I also bring my better judgement with me. I don’t suck a dick or fuck a hole if I don’t know that dick or hole is reasonably assured to be free of STIs. That means I just JO in public. I love sucking dick like the honeybee loves the flowers… but I’m fortunate to also love the sights, sensations and energies of jacking off with my fellow man wherever the moment presents itself.

I’d be irresponsible to also include this caveat: one should never engage in sex of any kind with anyone, under any circumstances, including jacking off or just exposing one’s erect penis, without first checking out that there is full consent there. The fact is, public masturbation is a crime and being convicted of it means one is a “sex offender” which in most real life circumstances, can ruin your life.

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