Taking a Break

It has been observed that I don’t really update my blog anymore. This has been true ever since I rescued it from the clutches of the Verizon/Yahoo decimation of tumblr, the now etiolated social network that once fit my needs so perfectly and now serves up only the safest social content for angsty teens. There’s simply nothing left there for this horny GILF.

I’ve stopped blogging for now. I may return sooner rather than later, in which case I’ll need to re-build my readership but TBH, the Great Internet Cleanse of 2018 destroyed that as well. Welcome to your brave new world of data-mined ads and mind police.

Cynical? Guilty!

Twitter—for now—remains a viable platform for dangerous ideas and, as ever, a school for honing editorial brevity. I am ramping up my contributions there since I still want to put in my measly 2¢ now and then, but my days of blogging are clearly cooling on the back burner.

Why I Blog

I started my blog for one purpose: I wanted to write about human sexuality from my perspective and find an honest, non-prurient voice as a writer. Specifically, I was starting to work on a book about jack-off clubs and didn’t yet know how to do that. Blogging about male sex and sexuality has done what I needed it to do.

I gave myself a free course in writing and at least for learning that initial, rudimentary skill, I think I got to where I needed to be: Able to simply set down my ideas in writing so that editors with far more advanced skills could have something to tear down and rebuild.

I am a bit older, a bit more experienced and a bit clearer about what this book is. That’s what now gets my time and attention.


I work, exercise, eat, sleep, write, tweet, manage a jack-off club, rehearse, manage and perform in a vocal group, cultivate and nurture a handful of significant friendships and one ascendant relationship with a husband and home, and I make time to masturbate mindfully when my desire aligns with my availability.

I have always been a busy, productive and engaged man so the one job that is never done (other than laundry, which I also do) is finding and winning balance. Among all the passions to which I give my energy, those moments of realizing that I’ve achieved balance are the most important.

I’ve put my blog on hold in the service of balance, which means in service of everything else I want to do, which means in service of my everyday health and happiness. I can not recommend prioritizing balance more enthusiastically.

Follow and message me on Twitter and I will continue the conversation there. I hope to be back soon. Until then, I wish you extravagant happiness and self-care.


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