Life After December 17 2018

This tumblr will be deleted on Friday, December 7.

I will need to disable it to complete migration to my new WordPress blog, which will include as much of my tumblr content as I can salvage. 

Obviously, any adult content that linked to tumblr will go bye-bye too, so I will have a whole lot of housecleaning to do. That’s okay.

I started this blog in 2010 in order to write about sex, to find my honest voice. I had a specific objective: to be completely clear, honest from the heart and plain-spoken. I wanted to learn how to share my thoughts and dig out all my flaws as a writer so I could complete a much larger project.

Having an audience raised the stakes. I was going to publish content that was only a little edited, letting it out of the cage of my mind before the internal editor could veto me for being imperfect. I did a whole lot of imperfect posting.

A whole hell of a lot of imperfection… but not all that much posting, really. Never as much as I wanted.

So here is the web address you need to keep:

I’m probably going to change a lot about the blog while I’m at it, the design, almost certainly. Maybe even the name of the blog (“My Name is Not Jack” was always a little odd. I meant well).

Thanks for following! I hope you will follow me into my new life in WordPress.

Also, don’t trust corporate social networks.

They all pretend to be so very human but like all corporate entities, they are not human. Not at all. They control humans by pretending to be humans but they’re much more like bodysnatchers…


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