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  • Life After December 17 2018

    This tumblr will be deleted on Friday, December 7. I will need to disable it to complete migration to my new WordPress blog, which will include as much of my tumblr content as I can salvage.  Obviously, any adult content that linked to tumblr will go bye-bye too, so I will have a whole lot […]

  • Time’s Up

    [Photo of the real me, my face as of November 2018.] tumblr is owned by Oath, Inc., which is a subsidiary of Verizon. tumblr was originally a fantastic platform but as corporate influence has crept in like a metastasizing malignancy, it has consumed it. We just got the prognosis that we are in Stage 4 […]

  • Just so you know…

    manlymasturbation: The Masturbator’s Sanctum, which existed on Tumblr since 2012, was savagely deleted without explanation by Tumblr on the 2018-11-19, just before noon. At the time of its death, The Masturbator’s Sanctum had 122 300 followers. Many guys had written over the years to tell its author how much The Masturbator’s Sanctum had helped them deal with […]