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  • Taking a Break

    It has been observed that I don’t really update my blog anymore. This has been true ever since I rescued it from the clutches of the Verizon/Yahoo decimation of tumblr, the now etiolated social network that once fit my needs so perfectly and now serves up only the safest social content for angsty teens. There’s […]

  • Louis CK and the Ending of “Magic Mike” | Badwolf/Blog

    Louis CK and the Ending of “Magic Mike” | Badwolf/Blog I almost never agree with anyone 100% of the time, and while I have my quibbles with one tiny phrase in this piece, I think its fundamental point is spot-fucking-on. Having met and masturbated with hundreds of men in socially sexual situations (JO clubs) I […]

  • Little Help?

    I have an ongoing challenge when writing about real-world sex play. It’s the word, “promiscuous.” Sometimes I get stuck on this loaded and inadequate term. I need some new ideas because I’m kinda tired of wrestling with it inside my head… Like many of you, I’ve embraced the word “slut” in its many forms and claimed it […]