Little Help?

I have an ongoing challenge when writing about real-world sex play. It’s the word, “promiscuous.” Sometimes I get stuck on this loaded and inadequate term. I need some new ideas because I’m kinda tired of wrestling with it inside my head…

Like many of you, I’ve embraced the word “slut” in its many forms and claimed it for myself and my slutty fellow humans, but it has to be constantly rehabilitated from the language of shame and condemnation. “Promiscuous” has the same issues.

I would love some alternatives to “promiscuous” and “slutty” that positively but clearly describe the behavior of enjoying sex and participating in it freely, joyously and regularly with numerous fellow humans. It ultimately needs to be simple and short—one word, ideally—but it will probably need to include some short phrases. Suggestions, please.

You can post suggestions in comments, Disqus or direct messages. Thanks a massive load, my friends!

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