May I just say that I admire your open nudity and I love your furry balls. 🙂

Yes. You may say that.

I’m at the gym every morning, and I’m really struck by the different ways different men deal with being naked in the locker room. It speaks volumes about how they feel about their bodies, their sexuality, their penises…

I have enormous admiration and respect for the straight guys who feel confident enough about their bodies, regardless of what shape they’re in, to walk fearlessly without a towel or underwear around the locker room. Likewise, I hide my absolute disdain for the “boxer boys” who are so afraid of their own cocks that they have to wear underwear to the shower, who have developed great skill around keeping their penises out of sight. I don’t care how in shape a guy is, if he’s compelled to carefully keep his penis hidden in a locker room, I consider him a child, and unworthy of my respect.

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