I love having guys cum all over me. Is the same true for you? Any idea why some of us love this experience?

I’m really not good with “why” questions. I always try to rework them into “how” questions but in this case, I’ll just answer the first part… 

OMG Yes! The same is very much true for me and I have no idea why. I love the sight and sensation of cum on my skin, and the more, the better. When I watch porn—and I have a taste for amateur JO porn—I love seeing cum spurt and land on a guy’s chest, stomach, thighs, nutbag… It gets me off big time. 

And the thought of multiple guys cumming “all over me” summons up two of my favorite JO club recollections (both on frequent replay in my brain).

The first is from my very first time at a JO club, the sadly now-defunct Chicago Jacks of 1990. I was in this dimly-lit room full of naked, masturbating men—finally realizing a long, long-held fantasy—and I was standing in the open and stroking myself, cock raging hard and pretty much in a continuous state of tight-balled edge. A cadre of men were all around me, very close and all jacking in my direction. I was experiencing the “new meat” welcome which I have happily bestowed upon many others countless times since.

I took my hands off myself and let others stroke me for a bit as I rested my hand at the very top of the buttcrack on one very lean blond guy straddling my left leg. I could feel his balls sliding back and forth against the fuzz of my thigh and his butt tightened as he suddenly shot his load on me. I felt an exquisite, warm flow of fresh semen blooming at the base of my dick and running down my own scrotum. In rapid succession, two more guys came on me, both squirting on my legs and then I felt a fourth load from behind hit my right butt cheek. I was the fifth orgasm and my cum squirted high up onto my shoulder and kept spurting on my chest and then my stomach, to then drip down my balls mingling with the blond guy’s initial load. This all happened pretty quickly but I could feel the universe slow down, the moment seeming to deepen and stretch out…

I stood there feeling the cooling moisture dripping down my legs and torso and burst into joyful laughter. I was 32 and had just had the most mind-blowing orgasm of my life. I had popped one load but the shared experience made it feel like I had had five orgasms myself. I was blissfully, stupidly happy. I hope I never forget that experience, that gift from four men I will likely never see again.

The second time was a few years ago at my own JO club, the Rain City Jacks. I had devised a group jackoff game which I turned into a club theme called “Countdown.” It was, for all intents and purposes, inspired by that incredible first experience at the Chicago Jacks. I was so blown away by the experience of multiple men cumming at nearly the same time, and cumming on me, I wanted to find a way to facilitate that for everyone at a JO club.

We had a DJ mixing music during all our events in those days, and on Countdown nights, we would add a voiceover track that literally counted down to a pre-determined “cum time.” We set three cum times 45 minutes apart so that multiple guys could play with edging and cum control and cum at or near the same time. These were pretty damn popular events and we held them every three months for a while (currently, we host a Countdown event only once or twice a year).

And, not coincidentally, one always fell near my birthday. This particular Countdown fell on my 49th. I confided in my friend Axel that I would love to have him cum on me at the 9:00 cum time. Axel was a tall, furry Swedish man who very much pushed all my happy buttons. He agreed with a smile and went off to play and enjoy the event. I knew he’d be there at the appointed moment…

Unbeknownst to me, he went around the room and invited a couple dozen other Jacks to join him in anointing me for my birthday, and as the 9:00 cum time approached, Axel found me and took me by the hand, leading me into an alcove spread with pillows and blankets, and he lay me down on the floor, right in the center. There were a lot of guys in there already and I knew exactly what was about to happen and my dick was raging hard in anticipation. I grinned stupidly at Axel, full of giddy gratitude as I essentially unwrapped my birthday present…

I lay down and these men all sidled up to me on their knees, some standing behind and above the first row and Axel straddling one leg so I could look in his eyes, but the scene above me was beyond anything I could capture in the best porn I’d ever imagined. Between 15 and 20 dicks were all completely erect being stroked above me in multiple tiers of height, all with the obvious intention of blowing cum on me. I recognized most of the guys but there were some new members in the mix too. Completely hard, lubed dicks were above my head and on both sides of my chest and a couple were pointed directly at my own greased-up dick which I was just occasionally giving a stroke, so completely on the edge I was… I was going to hold out for cum time if it were humanly possible.

The countdown was my own voice, and I heard myself giving the three minute warning. Then then two minute warning… and moaning started to increase as guys were getting close, preparing to give me my birthday gift. I felt waves of warmth coming off of all of these close male bodies stroking and writhing in pleasure all around me.

One minute to cum time and the moaning was getting louder. Just before the thirty second warning somebody gasped and let go of a load on my chest… then another man ejaculated on my leg and as the the ten-second countdown arrived, the moaning and gasping increased and at “ONE,” load after load began to rain onto my skin—covering my arms, my stomach, my shoulders and neck, my legs and feet and my dick and balls—blessing me with warm, liquid, male passion. I had to shut my eyes to keep the sperm from getting in them, but I managed to open them again to witness the moment.

Axel came hard and then it seemed everyone was coming and so was I, the orgasm pulsing all through my body, firing up my spine from my crotch and squirting out of my electrified dick. Again, I experienced a profound deepening, stretching-out of time as a few minutes seemed to become a long, timeless, groaning ecstasy. I was aware of many more voices in the room than those immediately around me, and I knew that there were layers of men watching and cumming all around us.

In that overwhelming moment, My pleasure was much more than sexual. I was full of joy. Love welled up in my center. I felt flooded with love and gratitude from this mass of men at the height of sexual heat. I cherish this memory as evidence of the power of social sex play.

I have to say this. “Why” this kind of experience is a peak experience, why I love it so much, why it seems to connect me so tightly in that moment with a whole crowd of men… “why” seems utterly meaningless to me. It simply is one of the most blissful moments I’ve ever experienced—a transcendent sexual moment in my life, right up there with the most intimate lovemaking I’ve experienced with any partner. It was a living thing that flashed for a few amazing minutes and then passed. It was just a profoundly sweet moment of feeling fully alive and receptive of the passion of many men.

I had a sense that these men were dousing me with gratitude for having made the moment possible, it was their payback for giving them a JO club, a place this could happen.

I’ve never repeated that moment, and I don’t try to replicate it, but I treasure it and I bring that memory of brotherly love, of absolute connection to many areas of my life. It opens up an awareness that unity is possible, even if for the briefest of moments. Maybe that’s the “why.” 

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