Love your blog, bate Brother. Hail Penis! Hope to see you on bateworld vid chat soon.

Thank you, brother. I do indeed feel a deep brotherhood with my fellow men as the result of decades of mutual masturbation with a vast array of different men. I feel that it’s opened me up to a more authentic, more human experience of myself and others. I’m grateful for that.

I make no bones about having my own tastes too and part of that is a strong preference for “meat space,” being actual, intimate physical contact with men. I’m sure it’s partly a function of my age, but as compelling as electronic media is, I find it unsatisfying as a direct form of sexual play. I don’t use video chat anymore and I don’t cam in any way, although I enjoy making videos and watching them. If the person on the other side of the camera is live though, I find it strangely disconnecting in a way post-produced porn isn’t… for me.

I have a few bate buddies I connect with one-on-one from time to time, and my favorite is a beautiful and charming cub who loves BW vid chat. I’m sure you’ve seen him there because he’s way, way into it. I don’t judge him or you or anyone for that. “The penis wants what the penis wants” as a brilliant young friend of mine likes to say.

So I do thank you and you won’t see me video chatting on BW or anywhere else. It just doesn’t work for me.

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