Hey there man! I love the kind of stuff you’re doing in the blog, mad props! I’m also all about the bate and it’s amazing to see someone embracing the bate so passionately as you do! So I was wondering what is the proper strategy and etiquette to start a circlejerking group locally… the thing is, I can’t find a single JO club nearby to join but I really want to do it –but it’s real complicated to bring it up in conversation just casually. Alright, keep stroking!

Thank you for the generous words! I wouldn’t characterize myself as all about the bate, though. I’m just all about sexual joy and for me, that includes embracing all this fantastic sex I have with myself, and the vast opportunities for connection with my fellow man when penetration is taken out of the equation… but I also love oral sex, both giving and receiving. Just wanted to clarify that wee point… ?

As far as starting a JO group, I would strongly urge you to think small. If a guy likes to cook, he shouldn’t jump right to opening a restaurant… He’d start by having a friend over for dinner, then a small group and then, maybe, Thanksgiving! Baby steps that focus on the thing you like and want to experience, not a big production.

Starting, sustaining and growing a jack-off club is a massive amount of work and while I am proud of my club and grateful for the numerous opportunities the circumstances of my life grant to allow me to do it successfully, Most attempts at running a club don’t last very long if they ever even get off the ground.

I urge you to explore social networks like bateworld.com and try reaching out to men you find in that forum who live in your area. A small number will be up for a get-together. Start hosting them at your place or in a safer, neutral setting. There will be some trial and error as you weed out guys who want more than JO or flakes who don’t even show up, but before long, you’ll have a circle to jerk with.

It takes time and patience to make it work. The USA is far more sex-negative and bate-negative than we suspect because we’re so used to it, so most guys are terrified of the very idea of jacking off with a buddy or two or ten… If you want it, start small and see what makes sense for you. 

Remember too that thousands of men relocate, move to cities where they can experience and express their passions more freely. This has gone on forever and it’s no different for a bator. I don’t think there’s anything unreasonable about moving to a city with a thriving JO club… but you might want to plan a short visit first. Best of luck!

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