Four Minutes of Six Jacks in Slow-Motion

This is something that you would experience in any jack-off club: Sensual, intense, penis pleasure with authentic men of all kinds generously sharing touch.

It amazes me that so many men won’t even consider sex without penetration. If you are one of them, you are missing out on literally thousands of wonderful, intense, cum-inducing experiences with as many men as you can imagine.

I have tons of this stuff and I want you to see it and understand that what you see is something you can actually be part of. Yes, you can watch it and masturbate solo… but my message is this: Real men are masturbating together. In real time. In physical contact with each other. If you want to step beyond fantasy, you can and you should. My JO club is Rain City Jacks and operates in Seattle, Washington. There are others. Find one and support them.

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