Thank you so much for your kind words! I am grateful and happy to share my perspective with anyone who gets something out of it… I will only add that my focus may be on men, because that is the sexual arena in which I play, but I want all people to live free from the incredible bullshit humanity carries about sex. I think it is choking us and literally killing us.

I see much of the religious violence in the world proceeding directly out of intense sexual repression. Religions systematically put our sexuality under a heavy yoke of control and judgement and have created a world of billions of humans condemning themselves for their most innate, most joyous impulses. Women need to be freed to fully embrace and celebrate the sexual energy that flows through all of us just as much as men do. It’s at the core of being human.

So if my minute insights move the scales just a little toward sexual joy and away from sexual shame, I’m wildly happy for my meager contribution.

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