Do you have any advice for giving another guy a good hand job?

Very few men give great hand jobs to every cock. All of our penises are individual and have different routines, hot zones, red zones, green zones… There is no magic formula. Here are three practical suggestions to improving your hand job skills:

  1. Pay attention to how you masturbate your own penis. Do you just jack off as a routine? Is it mostly utilitarian? STOP UTILITARIAN MASTURBATION! Make every masturbation an act of self love. Truly appreciate your own cock and spend plenty of time trying new ways of making love to yourself. Explore different lubes, grips, strokes, speeds, pressures and find out new ways to improve your self knowledge. Being good at sex with others (and a hand job is sex) starts with getting to know your own body.
  2. Get lots of practice giving hand jobs. The best way I know of to do this is to join and attend a jack-off club. There you can not only get your hands on plenty of different cocks, you can elicit useful feedback. Cultivate a willingness to speak during sex play and ask what they like. Ask your buddy to demonstrate how he jacks off, and to jack you off the same way, pretending that your penis is his. That is incredibly useful feedback. If you can’t get to a jack off club, you can try a bath house or event put an ad on Craigslist, but play smart and don’t put yourself in dangerous situations without some kind of backup plan.
  3. If you’re in a sexually monogamous relationship, start masturbating for each other. Spend one lovemaking session just displaying your bate for your lover. It is a fantastic way to be extremely intimate and learn so much about each other. Trust me on this.

Giving great handjobs comes from being in the moment, skillfully paying very close attention to the response a guy has to your touch. But please remember that not every guy can even get off with a hand job. We are all wired differently and I am very sure that there are men who right now would find what you have to offer is exactly right for them… You just have to find them and get your hands on their dicks. Please be sure you have their permission first.

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