Paul what happened to pdxjacks? If it’s closed I’d like help starting a new club in Portland.

Sadly, PDX Jacks folded after just one year of operation. It fell victim to the same flaw that has brought down dozens of JO clubs over the past three decades: Overdependence on a single individual who could not, for whatever reason, keep the project going.

It’s really no different than any other kind of aborted effort. The fewer people support it, the more vulnerable it is to failure.

And I want to state without reservation that PDX Jacks was not a failure. It was just a short-lived club. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at a Jacks club anywhere.

Jacks parties are unique and satisfying experiences. It’s difficult to convey their true nature because it is similar to other group sex experiences but also critically unique in other ways. Everyone has their ideas and fantasies of what a Jacks club will be like but only experience tells the whole story.

From inside the management of a club, and having met and interviewed many Jacks organisers, I know that it is far more difficult to host than to attend as a member. Nobody else appreciates it, but I want very much to see a new renaissance of Jacks in the coming years so I am willing to do what I can to facilitate that.

I applaud your intent to help start a new club in Portland. Portland men can and will support it if the organization is sustainable. I know a few things about making a club work over the long haul and would be grateful for the opportunity to assist you. I’m close enough to actually come down there to help. If you are serious, contact me again and I will respond privately.

I am sharing this publicly because I want anyone else reading it who has been motivated to help form a Jacks club in their own community to know that it is possible, and that there are people who will help you if you are willing to accept help.

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