Your penis is with you all day. Forgotten, waiting, stuffed inside your pants while you go about the business of daily life and important matters. If you find some time for yourself, you might remember your penis and how much you like it. You might spend anywhere from 30 seconds to several hours giving it your focused attention.

But those of us with “normal” lives in the covered-up world of clothes and commerce and public decency and propriety go about our daily routines as if the penis were only a convenient appendage to piss with, and then only briefly before you put it away and get back to work. The framework of puritan culture that we bury our sexual vitality beneath is so pervasive, so common to our lives, we almost never perceive consciously just how stifled, how desexualized our lives have become.

Sure, you jack off… You love jacking off! But how often do you spend more than 20 or 30 minutes giving your full attention to your penis? And when you do, how often are you not hidden away somewhere? Even in those moments of self-connection we are steeped in the repression that dims the natural light of our sexual souls.

What you need, what we all need, regardless of the nature of our sex lives, is Quality Penis Time (QPT)…

QPT is that rare stretch of timeless time when you have nowhere better to be than fully with your penis, be it in solitude, with a friend or partner or with multiple companions. While solosex is the easiest way to have QPT, the presence of others adds other dimensions to the experience and can actually deepen it.

QPT is time when you are undistracted, with nothing more important to do than be in the moment, and you consciously invest that time in experiencing the vibrant life of your own cock, all the physical, emotional and mental intensity it can generate and all the life it connects to.

“Jacks” is the community of men grounded by QPT. We understand the innate value of sharing QPT with our fellow men, the multiplier effect of experiencing and exploring the penis in the presence of others, affirming its fundamental goodness by the very act of exposing it openly instead of hiding it in any way. We allow ourselves to sink into sexual ecstasy together while looking openly into our brothers’ eyes, witnessing and being witnessed in this deep, natural and primordial human practice.

Be fully human, fully primate, fully in your body and with your penis.

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