Hi Paul, Have you ever thought of taking pictures or even filming one of your very hot JO group sessions? Many of us around the world would love to experience Rain City Jacks for ourselves and see the intensity of it!

I can’t tell you how many times I have looked around the playspace during an event and wanted to capture it for myself and for the world. The issue is the absolute confidentiality of our members’ identities. The majority of our members are concerned about a coworker, relative or possible future employer encountering pictures of them not just naked, erect and masturbating, but doing so in a huge group of other naked, erect masturbators.

We’ve considered a photo-friendly event and polled our membership and the results are pretty much this: less than 10% are willing to be filmed or photographed in a group JO session. That reduces a group of 60 to a group of 6.

Some clubs have used masks or paper bags to do group photos, but the results are not representative of the experience. When we jack off together, we are revealed, exposed intimately to a diverse social group. There is no hiding inside a JO club. The presence of a mask is the opposite of that reality and defeats the purpose of taking photos.

My thought is this: The best way we could visually depict a jackoff club truthfully is by recreating it. This could be done by a good artist or film maker familiar with the reality of the scene.

I am actually starting a project now which will include the most accurate filmed depiction of a JO club we can make. We’re at the start of producing a 5-minute informational film about the JO club that will be funny, smart, explicitly sexual (hard cock, lots of stroking and plenty of cum) and as truthful as we can make it.

We are working on a deadline and plan to complete filming August and submit the final edited film to Seattle’s HUMP porn festival before the September 30 deadline. This will have enormous potential for raising awareness of the existence of JO clubs, as well as providing true info about us and even a little bate fuel.

We want to inspire—inspire men to try the clubs, inspire women to allow their men to explore the all-male play play options, inspire guys everywhere to imagine starting their own JO clubs, inspire gay and bi men to think beyond the hole and beyond the condom, inspire solosexual men to connect with others, inspire men who are not hunky porn-star-types to embrace their authentic impulses and be sexual as we are all built to be—and we want to entertain.

But cameras inside any JO club are strictly verboten. Here in Seattle, we’re working on a good alternative for you.

Watch this space.

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