I’m wondering if anybody genuinely feels like being at a JO club is not strange at all. I’ve been to hundreds of JO parties myself, and I don’t just play, I run the events, think about them, write about them… I am deep in the experience but there is always an awareness that this is “strange.”

What I mean by that is that it stands apart from everything we know and accept and run our lives by in modern, civilized life. When I think about it, I am deeply connected to ways of speaking, dressing, interacting in countless situations; I have beliefs of all kinds based upon my upbringing, my nationality, my class, my job, my decades of life… I have a real idea of who I am and what I am, even if it’s just an illusion. It’s no more or less valid or invalid than anyone else’s idea of who they are.

And the group JO experience is one of those things that exists outside of some of the most core beliefs I have about myself and society. I think that’s a really, really good thing, but I don’t think I can abandon my conditioning to the extent that I would never find it somewhat strange.

For me, I lean on the knowledge that this is, indeed, a fundamentally good thing we do at JO clubs, fundamentally honest, positive, affirming, exciting, uniting… I know it in my bones.

And I know that many, probably most men, struggle with the strangeness for a long time. Many can’t reconcile it with their lives outside the circle jerk, What’s your experience? Please offer a comment if you have been to JO clubs and you have an idea of what I’m talking about here… I’m interested in your sense of the “strangeness” of being in a group of naked, masturbating men.

Please only comment if you’ve experienced a JO club yourself. Thanks.

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