Hi! I wanted to know your thoughts about hosting a jack-off club in a hotel. Would the organizers need to get permission from the hotel management ahead of time? And how would they handle asking the attendees to chip in money for the room? I know that in many places it’s not feasible to host a jack-off club in a private home or a non-hotel public place. Just wondering what you thought about it. Thanks for your terrific blog.

Hey Cowboy,

When I first started Rain City Jacks, I got a big suite in a local, mid-level hotel. I specified top floor and a corner room to maximize privacy. I organized the event through the Yahoo Group I set up to start the Jacks and I simply asked everyone to not be loud in the room. 

The first time I hosted in a hotel room, I operated on the honor system, communicating the room number privately just before the event start and just asking for a $10 donation to help defray the cost of the room. I ended up shelling out for the room from my own pocket and most of the guys flaked out, leaving a room big enough for 20 guys with only seven. The next time, I used PayPal to pre-reserve, require pre-payment and no refunds. If you wanted to come, you had to invest $20. I instantly saw the flakes virtually disappear and had an almost-full house. The money collected paid for the room, Albolene, paper towels, refreshments and my rides to and from the hotel.

I hosted about five events at that hotel before I located a long-term location. During that time, I also found volunteers who really wanted to help keep it going. Turned out that the pre-pay option led to attendees who were far more invested in the experience than just men who wanted to get off and didn’t care whether they showed up or not. I discovered how the fees charged represented value to members, mostly, how much they valued the experience.

I never asked permission. I paid for the room and invited visitors to join me there, just as many people do. I just had more than most. Yes, there may have been some violation of rules, but what were were doing was and is, technically, legal. As each guy arrived, he had to sign an agreement stating that he was there voluntarily of their own volition, accepted his responsibility to follow the rules and waived liability for damages.

Regardless of the venue, it’s always good for JO clubs to be good neighbors and renters. Pretty much across the board, I’ve found that every JO club I’ve researched has great relationships with their landlords, added to by the perception of “safe sex,” the lack of alcohol and drugs, and a propensity to just clean up after ourselves. That’s one reason why JO clubs tend to last.

Location is the single biggest hurdle to operating a jack-off club or just hosting one party. Hotels have served for this purpose for a very, very long time. This is nothing new. As long as you practice good judgement and be a good neighbor to the other folks staying in the hotel, you’re probably not going to have any problems.

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