A New Direction

I’ve had a thought… I’ve amassed a few followers and over the last couple of years gotten out of the habit of posting regularly. Out of laziness more than anything I’ve begun reblogging some posts. Though I always include some kind of extended commentary, I notice that it is my original work that gets the most likes and reblogs of their own and attract new followers.

So I’m going to give this a try: No more reblogging for me. I will restrict the inclusion of other people’s comments and pics to links in my own posts and Likes that will appear in the right column of the web version of my blog.

Also, I’m going to generate more original images and videos. Those are clearly the content that you like the most. I get it. We are far more visual creatures than readers, and visuals cut across language lines.

Nonetheless, I will continue to write. Writing about sex is why I started the blog. I want to tell the stories of sex that arise in my brain, most of them nonfictional. I’m interested in and turned on by authenticity, by genuine human animal sex.

Staying positive is also important for me. I’ve started and abandoned dozens of posts because they were focused on something negative, on aspects of men, or sexuality or society or the blogosphere that rub me the wrong way in one way or another. I want to tell the story of male sex from my perspective by celebrating what I love, not pointing up the things that turn me off.

Please do your best to keep going past the images. I want your active brain, not just your swollen cock. I’ll invite you to read, knowing full well that if you’re anything like me, Tumblr is for building up a load while masturbating, going from one charge to another and skipping the stuff that pulls me out of the jizz zone.

That’s my new framework. Weekly posts, all original, no reblogging, maximum positivity and new, original imagery. I will also explore changing the design of the site to fit my vision for what it can do. I hope you will engage and share what you like.

With genuine love for actual strangers,

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