What are the best ways to masturbate ?



  1. Intro : the place of masturbation in a person’s life
  2. What are the benefits of masturbating ?
  3. Masturbation as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle
  4. How every man should be when masturbating
  5. How can I make my masturbating better ?
  6. A summary to get you started
  7. What are some good masturbation techniques ?
  8. What are some good masturbation techniques ? (2)
  9. What are the best small dick masturbation techniques ?
  10. An atlas of various masturbation techniques
  11. What are the most common positions men masturbate in ?
  12. About edging
A man masturbating

Busy week : no time to reply to new questions. Here are a few I had answered to already in the past.

Here’s a terrific collection of FAQ from The Masturbator’s Sanctum, a blog devoted to informed, high-quality solosex.

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