The Edger’s Realm

Just a brief thought… It occurred to me that the men who are exploring deep edging and prolonged masturbation practices are simply taking sex with themselves where it really should be for all kinds of sex: RESPECT for our visceral animal nature, FOCUS on the raw fact of the sexual moment, and the honor of our TIME to make a sexual experience the best it can be.

A bator/edger knows that his sexual impulse is an innate, human power that recedes from us when we ignore it or belittle it. He does not disrespect or second-guess the internal urging of his libido and because he has agreed to give in to it, he doesn’t deflate it with negative self-talk. He loves that internal urging and makes a promise to it that he will give it the attention it asks and when that opportunity arises, he fulfills the promise and indulges that impulse.

Bators know that sexual desire is something to sink into, to temporarily immerse in and that it is possible to direct the mind fully into the penis and all that radiates from it in the moment of engagement.

The edger rarely just jacks off. He is unlikely to waste time on a utilitarian orgasm. Indeed, getting off is not the objective but only an end to an exquisite journey and he is in no hurry to end that journey.

When I have sex with my lovers I want to always share an agreement to enter the edger’s realm, to completely surrender to our horny, sex-drunk primate energy from the start; to focus completely on each moment of profound stimulation, to be absolutely in the Now of every exchange of touch, every gift of pleasure and every second of grateful receptivity; and I want to ride the edge for as long as we can, prolonging the plateau for hours.

Edgers are not the outlaws in the sexual community. They are the gurus of sexual experience that the rest of us should be seeking out for wisdom.

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