hey man, i am a bigtime exhibitionist, solosexual. Lately I’ve dabble in a little bit of narcissism. I’M wondering if at some event, i started getting off onmyself, say in a mirror, or in front of some guys, if this would be acceptable or if people would laugh at me or something negative. For the record, I am being serious, and I DO FIND showing off being watched a major dick hardener. Naked jake

What you describe is completely acceptable and appropriate for any JO club I’ve ever been to.

Your challenge would be just being clear about boundaries, since the main play at RCJ is mutual masturbation. We do help guys who want to stay solo by offering our “band system.” It includes a red band anyone may wear to signal that the guy doesn’t want anyone touching his dick. It works and might be helpful in the scene you have in mind.

I’d say it is definitely worth a try for you. We all love watching at the Jacks. Nobody will laugh at you. Laughter at the Jacks is generally about being giddy after an amazing orgasm.

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