I want more jack-off clubs to form and thrive all over the world. I make no secret of this desire. I love this community, the familiarity of energy at every JO club, the warmth, friendliness, the cock… Oh there is a lot of cock out there, and even a tiny fraction of them constitutes millions that would share the pleasure if they had the opportunity…

There are two things I recommend for every man considering what he needs to start a jack-off club. The first is tricky, but the second is not.

First: Experience a jack-off club yourself! I am floored by the number of men who read about the Jacks and say they are ready to start a club of their own, even without ever having placed a finger upon any penis other than their own. Seriously.

This makes real experience absolutely essential, and this is the tricky part because there are not a lot of JO clubs to choose from out there. You have to go there, get naked and experience the reality of group masturbation yourself—actually touch and be touched, actually see and smell and breathe in the fact of it—before you attempt anything like what you have in mind.

Because while it should be a simple matter for guys to masturbate together, it just isn’t. There are countless obstacles—personal, social, political, philosophical, environmental, legal obstacles—preventing it. It is absolutely vital to the venture that the incipient Jack Daddy has a successful model to follow before he attempt anything like this.

So you want to start a jack-off club? You need to do a little field research. Whatever it takes, you need to start with a trip to one of the places where men are hosting JO events regularly. It means travel. It may mean lying to someone about needing to take a business trip or a family trip. You have to go to New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia… You need to go to a JO club in one of those cities or elsewhere and play there, preferably several times.

You will come back with scenes replaying vividly in your mind, details you never would have considered, and dozens of ideas for how you would do things better, or smaller or bigger or just differently. You may also find that it is way more than you ever thought you’d want to do. You could even find out that you don’t even like it, that what you really prefer is solosex and fantasy.

Whatever the outcome, if you’re going to start a JO club, you need to experience someone else’s first.

Okay… The second thing, the less tricky recommendation is just this: Start small and keep it simple.

What you need is a safe place, a predetermined day and time, and participants. Yes, you can add more to that, but essentially, this is it: A place, a time and dicks to jack. Without all three of those things, you can’t make it happen, and really, you need little more than these things…

The place needs to be legal and private, and often a good-sized hotel room will do. It also needs to be warm enough when the weather is cold and cool enough when the weather is hot. You need to effectively communicate that it is a JO-only party and you need to be ready to enforce that rule.

My first event was a party in a hotel room suite. I paid for one night with my own credit card and invited guys through a Yahoo group I set up. If you get money from your guests to help offset the expenses, you may be in violation of some local Victorian sex laws, but if you just pop for it yourself, it’s a private party of consensual adults, legal almost everywhere in the country, even where old sodomy laws still exist.

I based much of what I did on my experience at the (sadly short-lived) Chicago Jacks of the early 1990s. Much of what I learned from that club was transferred to my club in Seattle, now in its 7th year.

So, you want to start a club? Go to one first. Do your research, plan a trip or three (they will be very, very fun trips, I promise you) and then come home and you might be ready to try it yourself. And when you do, start small.

Like someone said, if you build it, they will come.

(NOTE: I’m not The JO Club Authority, and there are always exceptions. PDX Jacks is a fantastic club run by a guy who has never been to one. He just happens to have all the skills necessary to run a kick-ass Jacks right out of the box. What he does do is keep it at a manageable level. Visit his club if you want to see one great way to do it… but I still highly recommend attending before you host.)

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