This is not a lengthy post. Sorry, my faithful minions… 

I just want to mention that movement on my book seems to have kicked into gear. The right people are falling into place, the right circumstances are appearing at the right times… It’s starting to look like this thing is really happening, and lots of new considerations are coming up.

For instance… Who will hate me and how will I handle that? I’m fairly certain that is going to happen, and I’m used to being pretty well-liked, if not treated civilly. I am hoping that I will find a hell of a lot more supporters than detractors, I just hope that the haters aren’t within the community of the Jacks. I think I’ll need to be prepared for that.

Another consideration is money. This would be a whole lot easier with a modest writer’s grant. I’m probably going to need to take a few unpaid days of leave to do the needed research. With or without an angel on my side, this is going to go forward… I would not mind meeting an angel, though. I am putting my mind to that one too.

It’s interesting to me how much information can not be found on the Internet. Quantitative research is one thing I need to leave home to find, but so is the human connection, the people whose stories I want to tell. I am really, really looking forward to the unplugged portion of this work.

I’m really excited. Almost giddy…

I’m really glad you read my blog, by the way. If you would like to help me with my work, click on the link in the top left corner that reads, “Ask me anything,” and ask me something interesting. It’s incredibly stimulating for my creative process to not just hold forth in this blog, but to engage in conversation.

More—much more—to come.

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