Back in early June, I had the misfortune of getting an infection “down there.” Not an STI of any kind, just a nasty little bacterial infection which could have, of course, killed my generously-porportioned ass… As you might imagine, I asked my doctor how I got such a thing and his answer was, “Bad luck.” That sort of took the wind out of any niggling guilt for having possibly done something a little over the edge… like jacking off with a couple-dozen guys in one night…

My doctor knows all about my little club and my frequent co-masturbatory exploits.

To be specific, I had a “UTI,” an acronym many women know all too well: Urinary Tract Infection. My bladder, urethra and (as a special, added bonus) my prostate were all rife with bacteria that somehow fought its way up my piss slit into what was undoubtedly a stress-compromised immune situation. A bad bug plus bad timing equals a bad infection. Emergency Room bad.

Among an alarming array of symptoms, I had the first actual fever I can recall having in the past 20 or 30 years. I just never get fevers. Or at least I didn’t until this little bastard struck. It was a fascinating and surreal thing having an actual fever. The violent shakes in particular were amazing to me.

But without going into too much detail, I will get to the pertinent part that I find I am still living with today. My cum has changed.

The ER doc put me on a strong antibiotic, a “big gun” is how my doctor referred to it. I was on it for a few weeks as the stubborn infection finally abated and I returned mostly to normal function. I could pee again, and very significantly for me, I was horny again.

I have long considered my libido to be a primary barometer of my general health. If I had a terrible cold but was still horny, I figured I couldn’t be all that sick.

So with the return of my libido came the return of masturbation and the return of semen… sort of. It was not the same. It was… looser. More liquid. Less viscous. More pearly than milky. I know this isn’t a huge thing, and I’m glad to produce any seed at all after this episode. Even so, it’s disquieting when an essential substance in your life changes its character. Not better or worse, just… changed.

And now, over five months later, I am still somewhat altered. I plan to bring this up at my next physical in January, although I’ve sort of gotten used to it. I’m hoping he just tells me that I’m fine and to stop worrying…

But here’s the thing: I am hornier too. I am also coming in noticeably larger quantities and more explosively than I was. Yes, it is not as thick, but it sure as hell is plentiful, as many of my recent activity partners can attest: I’ve been something of a jizz fountain…

I now routinely hit myself in the face when I jack off. And I now get a good five spurts followed by two or four little ones. This is not how it was before my June adventure in infection. I’m otherwise completely normal and healthy.

This is not bragging. It is also certainly not a recommendation of UTI in order to achieve more explosive orgasms… It is just what it is: An odd and possibly interesting development in the ongoing sex life of a middle-aged Jack Daddy. I’m certainly enjoying it while it lasts. Getting really sick gives one, if nothing else, a certain enhanced perspective on being healthy: It’s far preferable.

So here I am with my extra juice production, albeit the “less pulp” variety. I feel perfectly healthy now so I don’t hold back from demonstrating my newfound surfeit of seminal fluid. You’re certainly welcome to drop by any RCJ event to see for yourself, even if you have no pre-June frame of reference.

That’s all. Just a little story…

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