What’s your favorite lube for bating?

At the club, we provide the iconic lube of the jacker, Albolene. It’s an oil-based, long-lasting lube for masturbation, or for barebacking your fluid-bonded, monogamous partner.

When I bate at home, I use Stroke 29 or Gun Oil, or no lube at all depending on my mood. Stroke 29 is probably my favorite. You can just wipe it off without washing with soap and water and it leaves your skin feeling clean and great. And it feels amazing.

Once at a Jacks event, three other guys and I were chatting about lube near the refreshments counter. I mentioned Stroke 29 and said I had a jar in my backpack. I invited them to try it and ran to retrieve it. When I returned, the four of us all slathered it on and stood in a tight circle, all counting our strokes to see how the consistency changed from the first, stiff-Crisco like moments. As we got into the late 20s, I heard one guy say, oh… yeah! I see what you mean! and we kept going and in about 10 minutes, every one of us came. Then we all burst out laughing… 

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