Saturday, September 11, 2010

NOTE: This is a repost of yesterday’s entry. I learned that entering text in the tumblr iPhone app results in the wrong format… I also wanted to fix, edit, add links, etc…

I just wrapped up my third annual teaching session at Gay City University. “JACKS: Exploring the JO Club Phenomenon” is my class on JO clubs and what they are, kind of the thought behind the wankery. I just love these sessions and today was my favorite to date.

I changed things up a bit. For the previous two years’ classes, I basically went through the new member process and held forth about the history of JO clubs and our club in particular.

This year I jettisoned the holding forth (mostly) and went with a questions-based program. A friend shot me a long list of questions he essentially streamed from his consciousness and they were almost uniformly perfect… I added a pile of common questions I get all the time from prospectives and printed them all out with room to write in their own questions. 

I then started the session with only the briefest of introductions and launched into going from one person to the next and commanding them to “ask me anything.” All of the questions were great and led to new questions and answers, and every person in the small class was engaged. It was so much fucking fun…

I had a few members of the club there who were forthright about their membership and shared from personal experience, and there were new faces too. I particularly appreciated one man who shared about being in Catholic seminary, around men who had abstained from all masturbation and what their character was like, how mean they became, at least the ones he believed to actually be abstinent… 

There was good discussion of whether masturbation is “sex” even when solo. I got the usual fudging of that issue, and I talked abbot what happens in the body during sex, how the same chemicals fire off in the brain and body during masturbation as do during intercourse, so the body is having sex even if the head is calling it “just jacking off." 

I went to do more of this. Lots more. I’d like to really develop as a teacher. I’m going to try teaching a software course next month, and I want to keep developing Jacks classes, and finding places to present. 

I feel turned on from the top down about this. I love anything that turns on lights in my head and teaching definitely does the trick. 

Now I really want to develop this… I think I should go chat with Allena, director of CSPC, and see how I might present classes through them, which would be awesome because I would be presenting to a much more savvy audience, with a lot more awareness than the average JO-curious guy. It would certainly up my game, and spread awareness of the club… Hmmm…

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