Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I may have over-promised when I committed to a blog entry a day… just a tad.

But I am loving this process of developing a blog, learning what writing regularly feels like, finding an honest voice as a writer.

So in the face of high-volume demands from the many realms of my existence, I’m letting myself off the hook for slipping to every two or three days for the blog.

This week’s itinerary:

  • Today is work, then managing the opening crew for tonight’s Jacks event
  • Tomorrow is work and then seeing preview night for my husband’s new play
  • Friday is work and then opening night for that play. 
  • Saturday is my JACKS seminar at Gay City University, where I’ll be teaching a 75-minute class about JO clubs. 
  • Sunday is the TeamRCJ Meetup, a gathering of the Jacks’ volunteer force to socialize, organize and talk business.

I know an itinerary isn’t a blog entry (for me) and it’s not intended as an excuse for not writing anything juicy… Among all that busy-ness is plenty of inspiration for writing and I plan to do that. 


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