Wednesday, August 25, 2010 – RCJ Event #146

As I write this, I’m that odd guy on the bus, gazing at his iPhone with a Bluetooth keyboard in front of it, clacking away… Being able to carry a compact keyboard that works with my phone has been life-changing. I can now write virtually anywhere (I know, I know… “pen and paper” blah blah blah…. I just have terrible handwriting).

I’m spent. I just boarded the bus a few minutes ago for the hour-long ride from the playspace to home. It’s wonderfully convenient that I get this door to door service but the guys sitting in front of me smells like the dumpster behind a Vietnamese seafood restaurant during a garbage collection strike. Not an exaggeration… that is exactly what he smells like…

No, I won’t explain how I know what that smells like. I moved to another seat, farther from the remarkable stench. I want to write about tonight’s event…

It was a little lightly attended tonight. 51 fine gentlemen braved the heat to come and be naked and generate even more heat together. As always, I played with a number of men, spending ample time with each until each break time hit, and made a point of playing with some of the new members. I would have been happy to have shared an orgasm with any or all of them but alas, I pretty much come once a day and that’s it for me.

I wasn’t even particularly horny tonight, so I concentrated on giving pleasure. This is pretty much what works best for me anyway in any sexual circumstance. Even when I am receiving pleasure, it is my buddy’s enjoyment of my pleasure that gets me off, not the action of fingers on genitals, although that’s definitely an essential element of the deal…

I saw this hot marine again, a tall, hung, very hunky, very masculine… He’s also a generous and egalitarian member, playing with all kinds of guys although he obviously has his preferences. He’s no elitist. I played near him, watching him and another beautiful, tattooed man make out and mash their greased up cocks together. I really enjoy watching men up close during these moments, and I’m very sensitive to not being a distraction. It can be an erotic plus or minus to have witnesses literally inches away while you’re having sex.

Yes, “sex.” Sex is what we have at the jack-off club. I just hate the game of calling sex something other than what it is—the idea that this act or that isn’t “real sex.” I remember President Clinton’s famous, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” and how it was spun with an explanation that where he comes from, “sexual relations” means intercourse. A blow job doesn’t count as sex, so he wasn’t lying!

Which is why we now have lots of “good Christian girls” with their virginity pledges somehow intact, getting all kinds of STDs from cocksucking and butt sex, because if it’s not one penis in one vagina, it’s not sex. For some, not making a baby means it’s not sex.

I am of the view that this is the purest horseshit. “Sex” is a grossly general term, like “food.” There is a wide, wide world of experiences that all qualify as sex, each with its different gradations of intimacy and health risk. Jacking off is sex as much as oral, anal or vaginal sex. It is sex regardless of how many people are in the room with you, if any!

My body knows what sex feels like. It’s like art or obscenity. “I know it when I see it” or, more likely, when my body chemistry does its magic sex thing. Ultimately, that’s what sex is for everyone: Chemistry, not methodology…

So I had sex with multiple guys tonight, as I do a few times every month. All of it was on the far end of the safety spectrum, and I strove as I always do to be as as authentic and as present as I could be in every case.

I spent a long time sitting opposite a young, lean fellow with long hair and a gorgeous and very erect penis, gawking at each other showing off our “technique” and just getting off on the sight.

I did more side-by-side bating, this time standing beside a man wearing the red wrist band that signals “don’t touch my dick.” I noticed he also had a gold band on his left ring finger. It was not stylish and decidedly straight-married looking. He had another gorgeous cock, very swollen. We did not touch each other, but stroked and chatted a little as we did, just getting into the sight of mirroring each other. This was his first time doing anything like this and he was clearly ready for the experience…

I licked some nipples, spent about 20 minutes just giving another longhair bater some very specific attention as he stood in front of where I sat. I made him keep his hands behind his back and allow me to do the work. So much fun…

About an hour and a half into the event, I watched as a guy I’d been appreciating from afar started cleaning up after consummating a session with a man he’d been sitting beside on one of the couches. He smiled and laughed, as I’ve found many guys in an early refractory period do. His partner stood up, wiped himself down and immediately made clear that he was not done yet, and was interested in me.

We stroked ourselves for a while and he paused to put a lot of lube on himself. I asked if I could have some of it and made no move to use my own hands, indicating that I wanted him to lube me up, which he did. I returned the favor and very soon we discovered that we liked each other’s touch quite a lot.

We played like that for a while, alternately stroking ourselves and each other, pretty much unaware of anyone else, although when I looked to my side at one point, the red-banded newcomer from earlier was orgasming as he watched us… which we found inspirational…

After about 20 minutes of edging I spouted semen onto his stomach, as he requested, and we both stood there for a minute with my liquid running down both our bodies in slow motion. I decided to stay with him and fight the animal reflex to rest and stop after orgasm.

I caressed his scrotum as he stroked himself and I played back and forth between his nipples with my mouth, occasionally licking down his stomach to tease his cock (both of us knowing full well I was never going to taste it, but it’s a delicious tease). I stayed with it, looking into his face and feeling his body tense as he arrived at his destination with a gasp, returning the favor of anointing me with his warm fluid on my stomach.

Again, we lingered for a couple of minutes, just savoring the abatement of the moment, still feeling warm and friendly, and without a trace of a desire to fly. No shame and no regret, just a powerful afterglow for a fleeting few minutes.

I showered, dressed and ran to catch my bus, where I wrote most of this and finished just now at home.

I enjoy virtually every event. I love the connection sex allows. I love the spent feeling afterward. I even love how it makes me hunger for my husband, as it always does. I’ll write about him sometime… For now, it’s time for bed and sleep. Next event is in eleven days.

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