After an hour of edging, I felt amazing.
Then I came… and everything was perfect.

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Simplicity and truth.

Healthy Friction Key West IV – Winter Weekend of Masturbation.


Healthy Friction Key West IV – Winter Weekend of Masturbation.

Winter Weekend of Masturbation in Key West.   New Orleans House  25-28 January 2018.   New for Key West, a Focus House, a Private 2 Bed-Room House with a Private Pool. Adjacent to the New Orleans House with direct access to the Host Hotel.This will be our large private play area.Masturbation Porn in the Living Room.Healthy Snacks in the Kitchen. Billy Lube for your Masturbation pleasure.   Meet N…

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Just Go

I am an enthusiastic supporter of Healthy Friction. HF could be described as a men’s transformational weekend intensive, except the experience is more organic and less programmed. I have attended several of these amazing, long weekends of masturbation with true masters of the bate and they are unique and powerful.

Jack-Off clubs are amazing phenomena but Healthy Friction takes group and buddy masturbation to the next level. You will have a hard time finding more ardently devoted companions for prolonged and insanely intense edging in which time dissolves and there is truly only the rigid, fully awakened penis. Just go.

Also, Key West sounds like the perfect place for a deep-winter escape.

Now and then I’m tempted to list the things I don’t like… and then I think better of it. I just focus on the things I really love, the men and activities that make my penis hard.


“Unwanted sexual advances” is a problematic term for a culture that’s always poised to shame sexuality. Media and pollsters should use it with care.