Real talk, bros…


We gotta work on our communication skills. This goes beyond whether you’re trying to be discreet or not. Communication is important in general.

Communication is important in keeping up people’s interest. Communication is needed to verbalize what it is you’re looking for. Communication , saying what you mean and meaning what you say, is necessary to seal deals.

Communication is important for vibe. Listen carefully:

You cannot always depend on your dick to do the talking.

Communicating in that matter will not always land you in the best positions. Learn to speak. Learn to talk to people like human beings.




Gooning is one of those things that many men don’t understand, and it is a very, very easy thing to make fun of. Gooning is, in fact, objectively ridiculous. It is also one of the things that holds a key to a freer expression of sexuality through mindful masturbation.

It doesn’t really surprise me that many avid masturbators—social and solitary alike—have no idea what gooning really is, and it’s actually a little hard to describe. In my own words: Gooning is a state of deep sexual experience in which one partially detaches from rational thought and acts more primitively, more feral. It is, by deliberate choice, irrational sexual pleasure that can include facial contortions, drooling, deep breathing through the mouth and non-verbal moaning.

It is “deep bate.”

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Reposting this entry from a few years back. “Gooning” still seems like an esoteric practice that many would benefit from understanding and learning.

What are the best ways to masturbate ?



  1. Intro : the place of masturbation in a person’s life
  2. What are the benefits of masturbating ?
  3. Masturbation as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle
  4. How every man should be when masturbating
  5. How can I make my masturbating better ?
  6. A summary to get you started
  7. What are some good masturbation techniques ?
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  9. What are the best small dick masturbation techniques ?
  10. An atlas of various masturbation techniques
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A man masturbating

Busy week : no time to reply to new questions. Here are a few I had answered to already in the past.

Here’s a terrific collection of FAQ from The Masturbator’s Sanctum, a blog devoted to informed, high-quality solosex.