Month: March 2016

  • My First Experience at RCJ

    The following testimonial is a forum entry by JOArtist, posted on 3/3/2016 in the Rain City Jacks group forum at It has not been edited from the original and is presented here in its entirety.  [Paul] I just had a fantastic time at Rain City Jacks. On the chance that other guys might have […]

  • I’m Cumming At Rain City Jacks, we enjoy group masturbation with a few key rules and helpful guidelines. One of them is this: “Warn verbally before you shoot. Don’t just breathe heavily. Say it out loud with words.” During new member orientation, I may put it this way: “In the event of an orgasm, don’t […]

  • Straight Evolution

    in August of 2010, I posted this in my blog. It was, in fact, my first entry. Reading it today, I realize I’ve evolved in my thinking… Five-plus years later, I no longer assume that the man stroking my penis with absolute fascination and focus is actually gay or bisexual. I’ve actually come to a […]