DADDIES – Full-length film | Antonio Da Silva Films

DADDIES – Full-length film | Antonio Da Silva Films

Would you consider doing a series of posts on how to start your own local jack club and the details of what’s involved? I love masturbating with men and watching men ejaculate our sperm together but do not know where to begin in setting up a group.

That’s a really good idea, and I’ve been writing it for a while. It’s part of my book on the history and culture of jack-off clubs. The question for me is, do I want to give that advice now or wait to publish it in print?

Let me think about it.

Absolutely beautiful video of mutual erect male penis pleasure. Fantastic display of men experiencing and enjoying their masculine phallic and sperm energy together. Your commentary is perfect too. Looking through your archive it doesn’t look like you upload much stuff though…. but with quality like what I see in that masturbation video you DEFINITELY should upload much much more.

(I assume the question is in response to this post.)

Thank you! I deliberately keep my blog focused on the written word rather than images, but I will certainly be posting more clips in the future.

How I Learned There’s More Than One Way To Have Gay Sex

How I Learned There’s More Than One Way To Have Gay Sex

Is there a Dallas jack club?

The Number One Question I receive by far is this: “Is there a JO club near me?”

There are three responses I almost always give:

  1. I don’t know.
  2. Check the NY Jacks Web site’s Links page.
  3. Join and search Bateworld for your city’s name or the name of a larger nearby town.

There are men all over the country who are actively looking for bate buddies. There are not a lot of JO clubs, but you can probably find somebody if you keep looking. Just be as safe as you can be.

I have what Dan Savage calls a “death grip” when I masturbate. I don’t use lube. It works great for solo action but not mutual masturbation or sexual encounters. Do you have any suggestions on modifying long-engrained practices?

A lot of people have asked this question since Dan popularized the phrase. Even though he has walked it back and now reminds everyone to not call it that, he still gives the same advice and I agree: You have to deny your dick the familiar stimulus until your brain forges new neural pathways.

That means you may have to go without orgasms for a while, but stick with it. Do anything but what you’re addicted to and your need to cum will eventually find a way. It is very, very hard to break some habits. Just keep trying until you make it.

Here are some relevant resources for you. Both should be helpful:

Sept 22 2015 Savage Lovecast: Episode 465
August 28, 2015 Mike Pearl article on VICE