I feel as if I’ve just woken up from a long hibernation. I’m not sure what sparked it, but I’m hornier now than I’ve felt in a very long time. I’ve been healthy, I’ve been masturbating regularly, I’ve been playing with others as much as ever, I’ve been sleeping well… so maybe it’s just the slightly longer days starting to roll in with winter rolling on, but I welcome it, whatever the reason. It feels great to not only have sex, but to feel driven by it and toward it.

I’m 54 now. I know I don’t have the chemistry I had in my twenties and thirties. I also know that I’ve got a hell of a lot of sex going on for the “average” man my age, and I have no intention of slowing down, but sometimes, we don’t get a choice, whatever our intentions. Life isn’t forever.

But… I came three times yesterday. Very unusual for me these days. The first orgasm came while cruising a phone line and looking at amateur porn. During that session I found a guy who I would meet later in the day and spent my second load with him, just after he spent his on my chest. The third erupted around midnight, when I decided to try on a new silicone “nuttsling” I’d just bought which very much worked some hard-cumming magic on my cock and balls.

And today, I’m horny all over again. I was seasoning a warm cast iron skillet with some bacon grease this morning and almost without thinking, found my hand rubbing the warm grease into my cock, thinking about how I would personally love to suck a dick slick with bacon grease (I am no vegetarian, folks). After a few minutes and full erection, I wiped down and decided to spend my energy on this note.

I have no shame about sex. I absolutely love it and can see clearly that it belongs in our lives in all kinds of ways. I have my opinions about some kinds of sex, but I mainly just love it and feel gratitude for it’s active presence in my life in myriad ways. Often, I want to think about it, look at it, write about it, talk about it… but mostly, I want to be in it. I look forward to sharing my experience with you more as the days grow longer. I hope you will share yours with me along the way.

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