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  • Tramadol

    I’m addicted to Tramadol and it is fucking up my sex life.  It was first prescribed for a minor back injury and later for osteoarthritis in my thumb, a common malady with Tramadol its common pharmaceutical treatment. As an active guy in my 50s, I’ve got plenty of OA all over the place: thumbs, feet, […]

  • Me, my penis, and a little marginal privacy at the office. Also sperm.

  • Fucking

    There’s a guy I fuck these days. He’s mostly my type: Hairy, horny, bearded and playful. He’s also one of these guys very into anal sex and specifically being a bottom. For whatever reason, he is into me and into me topping him. It’s a decent FB relationship because there’s mutual attraction. BUT… I’m just […]

  • Is Masturbation Good For You?

    Is Masturbation Good For You? So this came across my feed today… I love science!