Taking a Break

It has been observed that I don’t really update my blog anymore. This has been true ever since I rescued it from the clutches of the Verizon/Yahoo decimation of tumblr, the now etiolated social network that once fit my needs so perfectly and now serves up only the safest social content for angsty teens. There’s simply nothing left there for this horny GILF.

I’ve stopped blogging for now. I may return sooner rather than later, in which case I’ll need to re-build my readership but TBH, the Great Internet Cleanse of 2018 destroyed that as well. Welcome to your brave new world of data-mined ads and mind police.

Cynical? Guilty!

Twitter—for now—remains a viable platform for dangerous ideas and, as ever, a school for honing editorial brevity. I am ramping up my contributions there since I still want to put in my measly 2¢ now and then, but my days of blogging are clearly cooling on the back burner.

Why I Blog

I started my blog for one purpose: I wanted to write about human sexuality from my perspective and find an honest, non-prurient voice as a writer. Specifically, I was starting to work on a book about jack-off clubs and didn’t yet know how to do that. Blogging about male sex and sexuality has done what I needed it to do.

I gave myself a free course in writing and at least for learning that initial, rudimentary skill, I think I got to where I needed to be: Able to simply set down my ideas in writing so that editors with far more advanced skills could have something to tear down and rebuild.

I am a bit older, a bit more experienced and a bit clearer about what this book is. That’s what now gets my time and attention.


I work, exercise, eat, sleep, write, tweet, manage a jack-off club, rehearse, manage and perform in a vocal group, cultivate and nurture a handful of significant friendships and one ascendant relationship with a husband and home, and I make time to masturbate mindfully when my desire aligns with my availability.

I have always been a busy, productive and engaged man so the one job that is never done (other than laundry, which I also do) is finding and winning balance. Among all the passions to which I give my energy, those moments of realizing that I’ve achieved balance are the most important.

I’ve put my blog on hold in the service of balance, which means in service of everything else I want to do, which means in service of my everyday health and happiness. I can not recommend prioritizing balance more enthusiastically.

Follow and message me on Twitter and I will continue the conversation there. I hope to be back soon. Until then, I wish you extravagant happiness and self-care.


Life After December 17 2018

This tumblr will be deleted on Friday, December 7.

I will need to disable it to complete migration to my new WordPress blog, which will include as much of my tumblr content as I can salvage. 

Obviously, any adult content that linked to tumblr will go bye-bye too, so I will have a whole lot of housecleaning to do. That’s okay.

I started this blog in 2010 in order to write about sex, to find my honest voice. I had a specific objective: to be completely clear, honest from the heart and plain-spoken. I wanted to learn how to share my thoughts and dig out all my flaws as a writer so I could complete a much larger project.

Having an audience raised the stakes. I was going to publish content that was only a little edited, letting it out of the cage of my mind before the internal editor could veto me for being imperfect. I did a whole lot of imperfect posting.

A whole hell of a lot of imperfection… but not all that much posting, really. Never as much as I wanted.

So here is the web address you need to keep:


I’m probably going to change a lot about the blog while I’m at it, the design, almost certainly. Maybe even the name of the blog (“My Name is Not Jack” was always a little odd. I meant well).

Thanks for following! I hope you will follow me into my new life in WordPress.

Also, don’t trust corporate social networks.

They all pretend to be so very human but like all corporate entities, they are not human. Not at all. They control humans by pretending to be humans but they’re much more like bodysnatchers…


Time’s Up


[Photo of the real me, my face as of November 2018.]

tumblr is owned by Oath, Inc., which is a subsidiary of Verizon. tumblr was originally a fantastic platform but as corporate influence has crept in like a metastasizing malignancy, it has consumed it. We just got the prognosis that we are in Stage 4 and have three weeks to live. There is no cure. This body is about to die.

I’ve been blogging about this since Verizon took over Yahoo. I’ve also been taking measures to preserve my own self-generated content and learned to back up my blog weekly.

If you are a creator, be it prose, poetry, art, video or anything at all—and if your work is “adult” in nature, as it has every god damned right to be, Save it now. 

Tumblr is not really a public forum. It is a commercial forum disguised as public. Since this is not a genuine public forum, we have no First Amendment rights here. Like Facebook and Twitter, you may think you have a right to free speech but you don’t. I don’t and you don’t. We have served to provide marketing data and eyeballs for ads in return for our illusion of a “safe space” to celebrate sexuality.

The Internet is a powerful tool and the powerful have known it for a long time. They have used their resources to corral it into a place that is friendly—first and foremost and above all other considerations—to commerce, business, commercial interests and shareholder value.

If you have only ever regurgitated existing content, shared what you found that others created, you don’t really have anything to save, do you? Other than the experience of sharing and aggregating and amplifying those voices. It is the power of social networks… but it was never yours to begin with.

We who create all you share have a lot to lose if we labored under the illusion that tumblr housed our creative output for us. For this and every corporate controlled social network, we are and will always be vulnerable.

You will find this blog still alive and still pretty much what it always has been when you go to jackdaddy.me in the future. I switched over to my personal domain name years ago knowing this day would come.

What I will miss is all of the social connections, the easy chatting, cross-posting, re-blogging and networking. I will miss “us.”

I am moving to a WordPress blog. WP is harder, more prone to hacking, more work to maintain, but it is open source. Advertisers aren’t paying for it, so I will need to pay for my own hosting fees, bandwidth, SEO and all the web services that made life easy as a tumblr user. And I am not under any illusions that my work will be maintained forever there. Nothing is permanent.

You won’t see the difference right away, and my new blog link is jackdaddy.blog, but I’ll set it up so that jackdaddy.me redirects there. I hope you will continue to seek out my voice. I will do all I can to stay in your feed… even if that feed is no longer in tumblr.

Stay tuned. I’ll be back. Very, very soon.

Just so you know…


The Masturbator’s Sanctum, which existed on Tumblr since 2012, was savagely deleted without explanation by Tumblr on the 2018-11-19, just before noon. At the time of its death, The Masturbator’s Sanctum had 122 300 followers. Many guys had written over the years to tell its author how much The Masturbator’s Sanctum had helped them deal with the factuality of their need to masturbate, helping them understand that masturbation is not a sin but a natural, benign need.

THIS is why I warn fellow tumblr users to back up their sites weekly and be prepared for anything. Tumblr is owned by Verizon, under the Oath, Inc. subsidiary. Telecoms are not here to protect the First Amendment or protect your access to your own blog or anyone else’s. They are a for-profit corporation selling your eyeballs to advertisers as part of their portfolio of services designed to make money for the company and return value to shareholders. That’s everything.

Set a weekly timer for yourself and back up all your original content. The Masturbator’s Sanctum and my own blog contain a ton of original material. If yours also contains anything you created (rather than simply reblogging pics and clips) you need to stop pretending that you’re somehow invulnerable. Protect your intellectual property. Back up your site and start learning now how to port your content to WordPress, hosted somewhere that won’t condemn you for celebrating normal human impulses.

Protect yourself. We owe Masturbator’s Sanctum a debt of gratitude for his positive, persistent voice, urging us to embrace our essential human joy. Don’t give up, brother. 

I’ve tried to edge and i got to the point where i reach the point of no return. There has been a time where i did not fully ejaculated but enough came out until my dick went flaccid. Then i lose the feeling of completing. What am i doing wrong?

I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking here, but it sounds like a couple of things might be happening here. First, do you feel complete satisfaction when you masturbate simply to orgasm? Do you stop occasionally before you cum and wait a few seconds before you orgasm, or do you always just go straight to it?

Edging is simply stopping before you cum, waiting a few seconds or minutes and then resuming and repeating for a while. There’s a lot of variation beyond that simplicity, but in my amateur opinion, you should not try to go beyond what feels good. That goes for a lot of sex, but where edging is concerned, the goal is to feel really good and to prolong it.

Try to just edge a little, like for 5 minutes, just getting close, stopping before you cum and then resuming. Just do it for 5 minutes. If that feels too short, go for 10 minutes or 15 or 30. If you start to feel bored, just stroke your penis until you ejaculate.

What’s important is to just put your pleasure in the center of masturbation. More than anything, you’re doing it to feel good and it’s that simple!

On the other hand, if your orgasms don’t feel right most of the time, you should see a urologist and check it out. Make sure everything is is good working order.

We’re not all the same and most of the variation is just that: variation. We don’t all get off on the same speed, tightness, fantasies, duration, cadence, anything! We all take our own journeys as men who enjoy masturbation and it’s never good to measure your internal reality with the appearance or narratives of others. Keep practicing and find out feels really good to you. Maybe edging isn’t right for you. Nobody gets to make that determination but you.

Tumblr is Done

I think we all knew this was coming eventually. I just received notice on two of my videos, posted two and three years ago…


The video you posted on Nov 28th, 2015 12:11 pm was removed for violating our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, which you can skim over at: https://www.tumblr.com/policy/community

Long policy short: We don’t allow sexually explicit videos to be uploaded to Tumblr.

If you’re one of the majority who access the blog site through the Tumblr app, you also know that our streams are now full of inappropriate content of kittens, fashion and angsty teen art. The entities who own and control Tumblr are trying to cleanse its corner of the net of adult content.

I know there are still some kludgy workarounds, but the writing is on the wall and I promise you this: Tumblr’s days are numbered. I’m exporting my entire blog to repost on a personal WordPress site and I will host it somewhere outside of the United States of Puritanism.

CYA, brothers.

Augmented masturbation is healthy


Earlier this week, in reaction to a picture showing a man masturbating with a Fleshlight, someone wrote : “I’m sorry. But what’s wrong with fucking people???”. I already replied to this in the reblog’s thread, but I feel the need to talk about this further.

Not that I want to keep on castigating this particular guy (I think it would be disrespectful and unwarranted), but because I believe his reaction is symptomatic of an issue many guys have with masturbation and, in particular, what I’m going to call augmented masturbation (basically, masturbation using something more than the hand).

In the privacy of their own homes, most guys will admit (to themselves at least) that they masturbate. They have to : they demonstrate the truth of this fact to themselves twice a week on average (and in many case even more often). Yet, years of chastisement and scoffing obviously has taken its toll on many guys’ propinquity with their own sexuality. They have learned to be ashamed of it : male sexuality is sinful, dirty, filthy or stinky. Indeed, these are the adjectives you will often find equated or linked with an evocation of male sexual urges in the communal sphere. No wonder, then, that any attempt at meeting one’s need also gives rise to feelings of shame and even disgust. That is to be expected when one has been trained to believe that the only acceptable male behaviour is to fuck, everything else being an ugly failure.

The problem being, of course, that this assertion (fucking as being only acceptable male behaviour) is wrong. Even the most sexually active guy (in a way that’s in accordance to societal expectations) is never going to be active enough to fulfil his own sexual needs[1]. And most guys are respectful enough anyway (and have other obligations too) to refrain from fucking as much as they’d need, in order to quench their sexual appetite.[2] So the expectation that a man should only fuck, to the point of excluding any other sexual frolic, is doomed to failure.

But more than that : being forever sexually primed (see note [2]) means that an outlet is needed. Masturbation, as a matter of consequence, is an integral part of a normally constituted human male’s life. Masturbation, simply put, is the corollary of a man’s virility. If a man is fit enough to fuck, then he obviously needs to masturbates. In other words, a man masturbates because he’s sexually potent. It’s a demonstration that he is sexually fit.

This is not, obviously, how masturbation is usually explained to young people. And if it was, men would likely feel much less guilty for the time they set aside to masturbate.

Yet, everything would still not be all rosy and upbeat. Because if one can get to grips with the idea that masturbation can be normal, it is apparently much harder to accept that masturbation can also be pleasurable. Once again, a totally inadequate guilt rearing its ugly head, spoiling an innocent deed.

When bringing forward the idea that male masturbation can be pleasurable (past the expected basic orgasm and ejaculation) a lot of uneasiness surfaces. The suggestion of augmented masturbation techniques (such as edging or gooning) or tools[3] (such as dildos [Aneros] or sleeves [Fleshlight, Tenga Flip…]) is enough to create embarrassment and elicit dismissive comments such as the one stated in this text’s intro. As if masturbation could only be acceptable if utilitarian and (relatively) boring. As if such augmented masturbation could be so satisfying as to make a man uninterested in sex !

Absolutely not.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. While great sex provides a fantastic feeling of relief and satisfaction, great sex also makes you want to have even more sex. Good sex doesn’t extinguish desire, it boosts it. And in case you forgot, masturbation is sex. Thus, augmented masturbation techniques, by exposing you to great pleasurable sexual stimulation, both increase your sexual satisfaction and make you even more sexually alive. In case of doubt, read comments made by edgers or users of sex tools and you’ll see that, as a rule, they are far from being sexually doused. To the contrary. To be honest, the only downside to augmented masturbation is that it won’t make you settle for stale and meaningless partnered sex anymore. But you will never turn away from good partnered sex because of this. No one has. Masturbation isn’t a substitute for penetrative sex.[4]

Augmented masturbation techniques help us tune into our penis, connect with our penis, and nurture the pleasure we get from our sex. As they breed pleasure without a story line, they help us connect to our bodily needs, without filters or screens to hide our needs from view. Augmented masturbation techniques help us get in touch with our sexuality and increase our sexual happiness.

Despite all the negative undertones given to masturbation as a whole and to solitary pleasure in particular, the fact that a man masturbates is a demonstration of his sexual readiness and fitness. Moreover the fact that a man takes the time to connect to his sexuality through edging and masturbation-enhancing tools simply means that he’s making the most out of his sexual abilities. Fucking a Fleshlight, for instance, won’t bore him from partnered sex : to the contrary, it kindles his fondness for it.

Masturbation in general, and augmented masturbation techniques[5] in particular, are good for you. They are non-toxic, non-addictive, unobjectionable, wholesome and certainly pleasurable. Stop shrugging them off.

[1] Unless you have a harem, I guess, but that isn’t a socially acceptable solution nowadays either.

[2] It should be noted that sexual drive of males (of any species) has to be much higher than that of females in order to ensure the availability of semen whenever the female is in oestrus. Hence, unless a male is servicing many females.

[3] I refer to them as tools rather than toys, as I find the latter a bit dismissive. Besides, we guys, love playing with tools !

[4] Penetrative sex isn’t a substitute for masturbation either.

[5] Once again : edging, gooning and the various masturbation enhancing tools.

This is almost a rant… and one I absolutely can get behind.

What does masturbation bring you that sex with a partner doesn’t?


As far as I am concerned, partnered sex and masturbation are complementary. In my view, both are not irreconcilable and certainly not in competition with one another.

I need partnered sex for the shared emotions, the bonding, and obviously also for the joy of fucking. This said, when I have sex with another guy (or gal), I tend to focus on my partner’s feelings and to forget my own needs and those needs of mine tend to be less fulfilled in the end. I am aware and readily admit that this is a hurdle for me to work on, and that I should allow myself to be cared for as much as I care for others. Yet, it still affects my overall satisfaction when having partnered sex. (Although the issue is less blatant when I have sex with a guy or gal who’s also not too self-centred [which is the case with my current boyfriend].)

It is not enough to deter me from partnered sex (far from it), as there are many things that I find in partnered sex that I don’t get from solo sex. However, total and deep physical relief is not part of that package. There are even some aspects of psychological relief I don’t get with partnered sex (although it does bring some relief of its own). Anyway, for all those things that partnered sex doesn’t provide me, masturbation does.

I need solo sex for the emotional and physical intensity (I acknowledge that I am in need of a lot). The utilitarian quickie excluded, masturbation provides the potency and completeness that I am in need of. Through my hands, my lubes, my toys, masturbation coasts me on the edge for as long as I need, makes me moan like crazy for as much as I need, provides the kind of stimulation that I need in real time, making me intensely happy. Solo sex gives me the strongest pleasure, leading to full ball-draining ejaculations… if and when I decide to (maybe after a few days, maybe the next time I have sex with my boyfriend, maybe an hour later). I definitely need this solo time.

For me, masturbation is as an essential dimension and expression of my sexuality. Certainly as much as partnered sex.

This entry reflects my own experience as closely as anything I’ve read before.

In my years of communicating with men about jack-off clubs, I am repeatedly impressed by the tendency to see masturbation and partner sex as a zero-sum, binary choice, as if we only get to have one or the other. I find that ludicrous on its face but it persists.

We are comprehensive sexual beings by nature, with the ability to connect with both others and ourselves through this intense, natural process of sexual activity. We can focus on ourselves or on others or on both and this is what we are evolved to do, plainly evident from the ubiquity of sex. We are masturbating and sucking and fucking all over the world like the horny, horny apes that we are.

It’s not a matter of either/or… Sex is all about “and.”