Just so you know…


The Masturbator’s Sanctum, which existed on Tumblr since 2012, was savagely deleted without explanation by Tumblr on the 2018-11-19, just before noon. At the time of its death, The Masturbator’s Sanctum had 122 300 followers. Many guys had written over the years to tell its author how much The Masturbator’s Sanctum had helped them deal with the factuality of their need to masturbate, helping them understand that masturbation is not a sin but a natural, benign need.

THIS is why I warn fellow tumblr users to back up their sites weekly and be prepared for anything. Tumblr is owned by Verizon, under the Oath, Inc. subsidiary. Telecoms are not here to protect the First Amendment or protect your access to your own blog or anyone else’s. They are a for-profit corporation selling your eyeballs to advertisers as part of their portfolio of services designed to make money for the company and return value to shareholders. That’s everything.

Set a weekly timer for yourself and back up all your original content. The Masturbator’s Sanctum and my own blog contain a ton of original material. If yours also contains anything you created (rather than simply reblogging pics and clips) you need to stop pretending that you’re somehow invulnerable. Protect your intellectual property. Back up your site and start learning now how to port your content to WordPress, hosted somewhere that won’t condemn you for celebrating normal human impulses.

Protect yourself. We owe Masturbator’s Sanctum a debt of gratitude for his positive, persistent voice, urging us to embrace our essential human joy. Don’t give up, brother. 

I’ve tried to edge and i got to the point where i reach the point of no return. There has been a time where i did not fully ejaculated but enough came out until my dick went flaccid. Then i lose the feeling of completing. What am i doing wrong?

I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking here, but it sounds like a couple of things might be happening here. First, do you feel complete satisfaction when you masturbate simply to orgasm? Do you stop occasionally before you cum and wait a few seconds before you orgasm, or do you always just go straight to it?

Edging is simply stopping before you cum, waiting a few seconds or minutes and then resuming and repeating for a while. There’s a lot of variation beyond that simplicity, but in my amateur opinion, you should not try to go beyond what feels good. That goes for a lot of sex, but where edging is concerned, the goal is to feel really good and to prolong it.

Try to just edge a little, like for 5 minutes, just getting close, stopping before you cum and then resuming. Just do it for 5 minutes. If that feels too short, go for 10 minutes or 15 or 30. If you start to feel bored, just stroke your penis until you ejaculate.

What’s important is to just put your pleasure in the center of masturbation. More than anything, you’re doing it to feel good and it’s that simple!

On the other hand, if your orgasms don’t feel right most of the time, you should see a urologist and check it out. Make sure everything is is good working order.

We’re not all the same and most of the variation is just that: variation. We don’t all get off on the same speed, tightness, fantasies, duration, cadence, anything! We all take our own journeys as men who enjoy masturbation and it’s never good to measure your internal reality with the appearance or narratives of others. Keep practicing and find out feels really good to you. Maybe edging isn’t right for you. Nobody gets to make that determination but you.