I liked the suggestion several weeks ago that you cosider having RCJ meetings sometime during a week day (say, lunchtime). I can never get out on the nights during the month and Sunday often is a challenge… But weekdays in the afternoon would be Great! Is this a possibility?

Right now, it’s looking unlikely that Rain City Jacks will be hosting daytime events. There are a lot of logistical challenges and we’re very mindful of the legal issues as well. If we did do it, it would be both private and legal.

If this changes, we will announce it to the membership via our web site, but I don’t expect it to happen anytime soon. I think the best option would be for someone else to host daytime events. RCJ does not have a monopoly on group masturbation…  🙂

Paul great blog. I enjoyed PDXJacks a few times but they were around for much too short a time. Are you aware of any other jack off clubs in Portland?

Alas, I am not aware of any organized JO groups currently operating in PDX. I assume there are a few private gatherings here and there, but they’re usually hard to find and often prone to problems.

If anyone in Portland wanted to start up a Jacks club there, I would be honored to assist. I see many Portland area members at my club up here in Seattle. While I’m flattered, it shouldn’t be such a hassle for a progressive and sex-positive area. I’m fairly certain it would not take a lot to get the Jacks rolling down there. It just takes one motivated individual to make it happen.